When to consider anti-wrinkle injections

by | Mar 22, 2022

Anti-wrinkle injections have taken the world by storm but when are they right for you?

So you’re thinking of trying anti-wrinkle injections? Anti-wrinkle injections utilise a protein of botulinum toxin which causes muscle relaxation. When injected muscles are relaxed, this takes the pull off the skin and leads to wrinkle reduction or elimination.

When you think of wrinkles, you can think of them as being dynamic or permanent. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that are only apparent with facial expressions, and are not present when the face is at rest. Permanent wrinkles are present at rest, and may be mild, moderate, or deep.

Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the best aesthetic procedures to treat wrinkles — namely because the results are excellent, the downtime minimal, and the side effects (if done correctly) nearly non-existent.

So what is the right age to consider anti-wrinkle reduction injections? This is a question that I am often asked and there are many variables to take into consideration.


Preventing the signs of ageing

Signs of skin ageing vary from person to person. A 30-year-old patient may have the appearance of a person in their 20’s and vice versa. Factors that contribute to ageing include hereditary factors, sun exposure, smoking, use of alcohol or illicit drugs, level of hydration, diet, sleep, medications and medical conditions, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Another variable to consider is whether the wrinkles are dynamic or permanent. A lot of patients talk about preventative treatments – say, those in their late twenties or early thirties – when expression lines are visible during movement. 

Before and after anti-wrinkle injectionsAnti-wrinkle injections are very effective in treating wrinkles in the frown, forehead and crow’s feet lines.

My advice is that there is no real need to treat wrinkles that are dynamic and which extend the use of anti-wrinkle injections for an unnecessarily long time. When wrinkles become permanent, they can still be eliminated with anti-wrinkle injections as long as they are in the mild to moderate category. 


Should all wrinkles be treated?

A blank and tumescent-lipped face is not attractive and a more natural look revealing softer lines and wrinkles is now en vogue.
Fifteen years ago, things were very different. Beauty culture found itself in the grip of an anti-ageing epidemic, with phrases such as ‘stop the clock’ standard conversation for anyone over 25.

Nowadays perfectly taut foreheads have given way to clients wishing to look a few years younger with a genuine-looking smile and some wrinkles around the eyes. To achieve a natural look, anti-wrinkle injections need to be administered in a way that ensures expressiveness is maintained. This requires a high level of skill and experience.

More women are also embracing technologies (such as laser treatments) that allow them to look their best at different ages. It’s no longer about vanity but about self-care, liking your face and not being held back by concerns that you look ‘too old.’

What is the best time to treat wrinkles?

It is generally best to start treating wrinkles when they are fine and just starting to develop permanency, but before they become deep.
I always say less is more with anti-wrinkle injections. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away. So ensure you’re in the right hands to get that natural look.