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Female Sexual Restoration

Female Sexual Restoration

Sexual Health Restoration for Women: Consultations

Dr O’Gorman has been practising Medicine since 1992. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery and Fellowships in General Practice (UK, EU, and Australia). He also holds a Bachelor in the art of Obstetrics, and a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He has also practised in Cosmetic Medicine since 2004. Over the years he has assessed many female patients in relation to sexual health concerns and has assisted many patients with advice and prescribing.

Dr O’Gorman personally conducts all sexual health consultations. This is usually in a face to face format but consultation via phone or video can also be arranged.

During the consultation, Dr O’Gorman will enquire on your medical history, medications, any allergies, lifestyle, past surgical procedures, obstetrical and gynaecological history, family history, and he will discuss your particular concerns.

Typical concern areas include:

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) due to muscle tightness

Dyspareunia due to menopausal changes
Loss of libido
Loss of ability to orgasm

The assessment may necessitate a physical examination, along with referral for blood testing including hormonal profile.

Treatment options include:

Prescription medications such as oestrogen topical therapy, low dose testosterone

Female Intimacy PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections

The cost of a female sexual health consultation is $250.00. A Medicare rebate may apply.

Female Naturalis PRP Shot

The Naturalis PRP procedure is an effective regenerative cellular treatment for female intimate wellness. Childbirth, ageing and menopause can lead to painful intercourse, loss of sexual function and stress urinary incontinence. Despite these symptoms being common, unfortunately many women do not seek help from their GP or O+G.

This procedure uses the patient’s own blood and the Renewed Confidence team extract very pure PRP from this by utilising the latest technology to deliver maximum growth factors to the area of concern. This is then injected into the vaginal mucosa under local anaesthesia.

This stimulates a stem cell response delivering new cells, new collagen and new blood vessels, delivering nutrients to improve the superficial and deeper tissues. This improves the health, quality, and function of the female genito-urinary region, restoring tissues to a more youthful state. It is an effective, ‘hormone free’, minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment.

Naturalis PRP can address the following symptoms:

Vaginal/Vulval irritation, burning, itching, chafing, bleeding, painful intercourse and lack of lubrication.

Low sex drive, difficulty with arousal, and difficulty climaxing.
Urinary leakage with physical activity, sneezing and coughing.
Female Naturalis PRP Shot

The result of treatment includes healthier, more supple, elastic vaginal tissue, increased lubrication, better blood flow and nerve function, less pain and more pleasurable intercourse. Improved sexual response, libido, and enhanced orgasms are seen via improved clitoral function. The symptoms of stress incontinence lessen.

The effects tend to last 12-18 months and an annual top-up treatment is advised to sustain the benefits.

Intimacy Peel

Female Sexual Restoration

From $1,400

Intimacy Peel

The aging process takes place in the genital-perineal and adjacent areas in the same way as in the rest of the body. Because of this, loss of elasticity and firmness as well as a change in the colour of the area can be seen.

Intimate hyperpigmentation is a disorder caused by an excess formation of melanin that involves skin darkening around the anal and external genital area. In addition, the fact that melanocyte activity is greater in this area than in the rest of the body is also responsible for the high prevalence of the colour change affecting it.

It is a disorder of multifactorial origin, and the main triggering factors include:

Internal Factors

Age: aging of the vaginal tissue is caused by changes in the biological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms that can result in pigmentation disorders.

Genetic predisposition: the prevalence is higher in persons with high phototypes (IV, V and VI).

Hormonal changes: the increase of oestrogens stimulates the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for the increased melanin production.

External Factors

Care and beauty habits: techniques such as depilation can cause abrasion and folliculitis, leading to skin inflammation that results in an increased production of the melanocytes and therefore of melanin.

Clothing habits: when the skin experiences friction, it naturally thickens (hyperkeratinisation) and darker areas appear. It often affects the inner thighs in case of frequent use of tight pants or underwear.

The intimacy peel has been developed specifically for the genital regions including groins, pubis, inner thighs and peri-anal.This depigmenting method for the intimate area is unique for it’s dual, intensive corrective and regulating action in pigmentation imperfections.Results are visible after just one clinical session.