Cosmetic Injections

Slimming Injections

Botulinum toxin can be used to create a slimmer face, a longer neck and slimmer legs as well as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Creating a slimmer jawline

For those who have strong and bulky masseter muscles (the muscles used to chew food) the effect is a square-shaped face and a rounded bulky jawline angle. When the muscles are relaxed using botulinum toxin, the face and jawline look slimmer and less rounded.

The jawline can also be improved by treating the platysmal neck muscles, which exert a downwards pull on the face, with botulinum toxin (Nefertiti lift). Excess fat under the chin/jawline and jowls can be treated with fat dissolving injections.

Costs range from $450 – $900 per treatment and generally lasts 6 months.

Creating a slimmer shoulder and longer neckline

The neck and upper back trapezius muscle can be overdeveloped in many patients. This can be due to poor posture, genetics, exercise, or occupation. The overdeveloped trapezius gives the shoulders a shrugged appearance, the neck-shoulder junction becomes more rounded, and the neck appears shorter.

Treating the bulky component of the trapezius muscle with botulinum toxin leads to a more angular neck-shoulder junction and the appearance of a longer neck.

Treatments are repeated 3 to 6 monthly, more frequently initially until the desired effect is achieved. The maximum effect of each treatment is reached in approximately 8 weeks.

Costs start at $1,200 per treatment.

Creating a slimmer leg

Some of us are naturally prone to thicker calf muscles, sometimes due to genetics and other times as a result of lots of physical exercise or too frequent use of high heels.

When injected into the gastrocnemius muscle, Botox can be used to slim down calf muscles.

This procedure only affects a small proportion of the outer muscle fibres, meaning it does not restrict normal calf function, nor does it negatively affect your ability to walk or run.

Treatments are initially 3 monthly. After approx 3 treatments, the maintenance stage is reached which requires treatments every 9-12 months. Changes will not become noticeable until after the second treatment. A 2cm reduction in the calf dimensions can be achieved.

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