Cosmetic Injections

Therapeutic Tox Injections

Dr O’Gorman’s advanced skills in the use of botulinum toxin injections address concerns such as:

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

The same muscle relaxant injections that are used for wrinkle reduction are also used for the management of hyperhidrosis to great effect. The effect is long lasting with most patients achieving sweat reduction for six to eight months. The armpits are the most commonly treated areas but other areas may also be treated. The dosage required is a little greater than that for cosmetic results but the effect is longer lasting. We apply a considerable discount to the cost of the treatment given the dosage requirements and our wish for our patients to have access to such an effective treatment option.

Migraine and tension headaches

Dr O’Gorman utilises muscle relaxant injections in an advanced way to reduce the frequency of migraine and tension headaches. This use of muscle relaxant injections is now practiced worldwide. Techniques can be varied to suit the type of headache you experience. Some treatments focus on relaxing the forehead and temples whilst other treatments incorporate the frown, eye, or neck areas. Reported reductions in the order of 70% can be achieved with these techniques. Treatments have to be updated every 3 to 6 months. If you are a sufferer of frequent disabling migraines or tension headaches which are resistant to routine medical treatments, then perhaps you should consider consulting with us on this novel advanced use of muscle relaxant injections.

Bruxism, TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding

Dr O’Gorman utilises muscle relaxant injections in a novel and advanced way to reduce teeth grinding, and in the treatment of TMJ (temperomandibular joint dysfunction) and associated headaches. This is an ‘off label’ use of muscle relaxant injections, but is widely practiced with considerable success. We perform this treatment to relax the masseter muscle, thereby taking the tension out of the jaw and allowing relaxation within the dentition and temperomandibular joint. So if you are wearing your teeth out through grinding, keeping your partner awake through chattering teeth, or if TMJ joint pain is troublesome for you, then you should book a consultation to discuss your treatment options with muscle relaxant injections.

Facial tics and muscle spasms

Facial tics and spasms are the result of involuntary muscle contractions in the face. These can be recent in onset or chronic and may be constant or come and go. They tend to be worse at times of fatigue or stress. They can also follow on from neurological injury. Using botulinum toxin to relax these overactive muscles can be very effective and life changing for the patient. The mode of treatment, time to effect, and duration of effect is the same as with treating muscles for dynamic facial lines and wrinkles.

Facial asymmetry

Most of us are not perfectly symmetrical. Mild asymmetries are normal and I ask my patients to embrace and accept this. We all have preferred sides in terms of expressiveness, and this leads to subtle asymmetries. Other factors can include sleep position and driving side etc. More significant asymmetries can result from hereditary factors, skull and facial bone shape factors, dentition, jaw development, injury, stroke, neurological injury etc. Patients with asymmetries can often be helped to minimise the asymmetry with the use of muscle relaxing injections and dermal filler injections amongst other techniques. Such treatments are considered advanced and should only be undertaken by an experienced practitioner. The starting point is a thorough consultation process.

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