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Dr O’Gorman comes from a family of medical professionals, with three generations of his family graduating from UCD’s medical school in Ireland. He shares their passion for delivering medical services with care, respect, diligence, patience, and a strong focus on the patient’s needs and concerns.

As an international doctor, Dr O’Gorman divides his time between London and Melbourne, Australia. He has built multiple medical clinics and has become a trusted and respected member of the medical community. Dr O’Gorman’s commitment to his patients is unwavering, as demonstrated by his quarterly visits to Melbourne to maintain relationships he has built over the past 20 years. His willingness to maintain long-term relationships with his patients is a testament to his dedication to providing the highest quality of care possible.


Now that he has relocated to the UK to be closer to his family, he is excited to welcome new patients into his clinic and continue to provide expert care.




Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

Hi there, I just wanted to say that Dr Michael is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I had an appointment with him 2 days ago and aside from the treatment he gave me being incredibly helpful, his pastoral care was unparalleled and he went above and beyond to help me.

Thank you guys so much for helping me – you’re giving me my life back.


I have been having botox treatments for many years and I can honestly say that this has been the best botox treatment I have ever experienced.

Barbara W

Dear Michael, I just wanted to reach out and say that I am soo happy with all of my treatments. My lips are perfect, I love them so much! The symmetry is amazing and the size is perfect.

Chelsea S

I have been a patient of Dr Michael for many years, I must say that I honestly have never been in better hands. Prior to Dr Michael I was seeing other medical professionals about an ongoing issue that I had, not one of them gave me a solution and rather passed it off as a just because. Visiting Dr Michael immediately he realised my frustration and gave me the empathy and care that Dr’s are supposed to do, his thorough medical checks revealed the issue at hand I was facing and gave me the correct treatment. I couldn’t be more grateful. Dr Michael is a very special Dr who gives everyone the time of day, he treats you with respect and care and his attention to detail ensures you receive the best medical treatment. I wish everyone a Dr like him.


“Dr O’Gorman is always an absolute pleasure. His professionalism and knowledge is amazing. He has helped me no end and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Charlie J

“Dr O’Gorman is gentle, and I truly feel like I could trust him with any sort of procedure. He doesn’t rush you out the door or force you into anything, which I’ve definitely felt at other places in the past.”

Sam H

“I have never come across another doctor that truly cares for his patient’s needs in every way possible. Michael’s knowledge goes way past your normal doctor. His empathy and compassion, along with his vast knowledge of cosmetic medicine is amazing in every way.”

Karin P

“Dr O’Gorman is personable, knowledgable, and highly skilled with a keen eye and deft hand for cosmetic procedures. He keeps me looking and feeling awesome. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Bianca C

“Dr O’Gorman was so detailed and provided a thorough consultation… I didn’t feel like I was rushed out the door. He’s an exceptional doctor that I’d highly recommended to anyone.”

Andrew H

“Dr Michael O’Gorman has been a brilliant doctor to my family. He takes his time to listen to everything we have to say. He doesn’t cut corners and is extremely thorough. I’d highly recommend him.”

Jerry Z

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