The Glow Facial

Treatment Information

Whilst our Yearly Facial is all about the elasticity and hydration, our Glo Facial is all about that porcelain look. Glo includes the Vampire, but guess what our added ingredient is? This time it is not hyaluronic acid as in the Yearly Facial, but baby botulinum toxin mesotherapy. That’s right, PRP platelet rich plasma plus baby botox, delivered by our vacuum assisted automated multi needle device.

This creates elasticity through intense collagen production, and the baby botox delivers a smooth surface with reduction in pore size, reduction in skin perspiration, and a reduction in fine lines. And for those who want it all, we have the Yearly Glo Facial which combines the benefit of both facials with PRP, hyaluronic acid, and baby botox. 

Side-effects may include mild to moderate redness for 1-3 days; mild swelling for 24-48 hrs; possible mild bruising; a sense of mild heat, tingling, or tightness under the skin for 24 hours.

We require you to be in our care for around two hours.

The Glow Facial

This treatment is suitable for the face and the neck.

From $1,250/area

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