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  • What causes hair loss in men and women
  • What hair restoration is
  • Different types of restoration treatments
  • How long it takes to see results
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About The Author

Dr Michael O’Gorman

Dr Michael O’Gorman is one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in Australia

Dr O’Gorman is the third generation of his family to graduate from UCD’s medical school in Ireland. Like his father and grandfather, he shares their passion for the delivery of medical services with care, respect, diligence, patience, and with a strong focus on the patient’s needs and concerns.

After graduating, he rotated through many specialities including medical, surgical, child health, obstetrics & gynaecology, psychiatry, and general practice. Having completed postgraduate qualifications in each specialty and achieving a deep medical knowledge, he then turned his eye to the field of cosmetic medicine.

Dr O’Gorman describes his brain as being visually focused, and this has allowed him to become expert in this field of medicine. His visual brain focuses on symmetry, contours, angles, and profiles. With a keen knowledge of the key anatomical anchor points, he is able to achieve more with less. This trademark approach, along with the safety of his procedures, has earned him consistently high patient satisfaction results.