Meet the Team

Dr Michael O’Gorman

Cosmetic Physician

Dr Michael O’Gorman is one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in Australia

Dr O’Gorman is the third generation of his family to graduate from UCD’s medical school in Ireland. Like his father and grandfather, he shares their passion for the delivery of medical services with care, respect, diligence, patience, and with a strong focus on the patient’s needs and concerns.

After graduating, he rotated through many specialities including medical, surgical, child health, obstetrics & gynaecology, psychiatry, and general practice. Having completed postgraduate qualifications in each specialty and achieving a deep medical knowledge, he then turned his eye to the field of cosmetic medicine.

Dr O’Gorman describes his brain as being visually focused, and this has allowed him to become expert in this field of medicine. His visual brain focuses on symmetry, contours, angles, and profiles. With a keen knowledge of the key anatomical anchor points, he is able to achieve more with less. This trademark approach, along with the safety of his procedures, has earned him consistently high patient satisfaction results.

For a natural enhancement, correction, or restoration, Dr O’Gorman truly is the cosmetic expert you can trust.

Lauren Hwang

Registered Nurse

Lauren is a truly empathetic, creative and detail focused registered nurse. She has worked in diverse medical settings such as Rehab and A+E and has been immersed in Aesthetic Medical settings since 2019.

Her experience spans many areas which include medical skills such as wound care, cannulation, intravenous infusions, contraceptive implants and PAP smear testing amongst many others. In the Aesthetic field, Lauren is skilled in skin needling, microdermabrasion, cryotherapy, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler injections, fat dissolving injections and PRP platelet rich plasma injections amongst many others. Lauren remains actively involved in the education of other nurses.

We are delighted to have her on our team to deliver Cosmetic Medical, Hair Restoration, and Sexual Health Restoration services at Renewed Confidence Clinic.

Rachel Bryson

Registered Nurse

Rachel is a recent arrival to Australia, hailing from Scotland. She gradated in nursing in 2014, and her medical experience has been focused in surgical settings and urgent care.

She has been involved in Aesthetic Medicine since 2018 and her skills include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler injections, dermaplaning and medical grade skin treatments.

Her personality is friendly, positive, bubbly and hardworking. She joins the Renewed Confidence Clinic to deliver services in both our St Kilda Road and Chapel Street locations across all of our service areas.

Eleanor Gillet

Dermal Clinician

Eleanor is a Dermal Clinician, having graduated with a Bachelor of Dermal Science from Victoria University in 2020. She has worked in various Aesthetic Medical and Dermatology clinic settings since 2017.

Eleanor’s skills include the assessment of skin and hair conditions, the management of acute and chronic skin conditions, dermablading, skin needling, diathermy, skin peels, LED therapy and the operation of many laser devices.

Eleanor has joined the Renewed Confidence Clinic to provide services throughout all of our service categories including LED skin + scalp, PRP platelet rich plasma preparation, skin + laser treatments, and hair transplantation technical skills such as graft sorting and implanting.

Her attention to detail, extensive knowledge, and manual dexterity are a great match to our suite of services.