What to expect during your post-lockdown treatment

by | Mar 22, 2022

In medical circles, we are always conscious of the importance of hygiene and infection control measures. The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened this, and the correct response is an increased focus on these measures to ensure safety for our patients and staff.

Strict safety measures are required not just as we ease out of Stage 4 restrictions, but for the entire duration of the pandemic, and into the post Covid-19 new normal future.


What can I expect?

Firstly, advance booking of your appointment is required. Walk-in appointments are discouraged.

Secondly, triage is part of the scheduling process. Whether you make your appointment by phone or online, you will be asked key triage questions to ensure it is appropriate for you to come into the clinic, and to ensure the clinic environment remains safe for all patients and staff. Appointments can only be scheduled when all questions asked are answered negative. Those who work in a high-risk profession may be asked to provide a negative test result if virus activity is high at that time.


How can I prepare for my appointment?

We encourage you to arrive at the appointed time, and not before. If you do arrive early, we ask that you remain in your car or outside the clinic until your appointment time.

You must wear a mask. We cannot invite you into the clinic if you are not wearing a face mask.

Please attend alone. We ask that you do not bring a friend or a child as we aim to minimise people congregating in the clinic who do not have an appointment.

Please attend without make-up. This will help to minimise the time you need to spend in the treatment room.


What can I experience on arrival?

On arrival, our admin team will confirm your triage responses, your temperature will be checked, and you will be asked to hand sanitise. We do have your details on file if needed for contact tracing, but we also offer the option for you to scan our QR code.


Are there any changes to the clinic environment?

You will notice that we have removed half of our seating. This ensures seating is at least 1.5 meters apart, and also minimises patient congregation in the clinic. Magazines have been removed from the waiting area and tea and water cups are disposable only. Hand sanitisers are available throughout the clinic and all of our staff will be wearing PPE at all times.

“The cosmetic experience is still exciting and we really want to hear what’s been happening in your lives too!”


What other measures has the clinic taken?

As mentioned, all patients attending the clinic are triaged and re screened on arrival to ensure our environment is safe for you. Appointments are longer and spaced apart to minimise patient congregation in the waiting room, and to allow for disinfection of the treatment rooms in between each patient. Disposable bedsheets are used and changed between each patient. All clinic surfaces and door handles are disinfected throughout the day. Telehealth consultations remain available when a face to face consultation is not required. We have not resumed laser services involving plumes such as laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing at this time. However all other laser and skin services are available.

It is great to see our patients attending again, and we do hope that the measures we have taken to ensure your safety are comforting for you.

The cosmetic experience is still exciting and we really want to hear what’s been happening in your lives too!